Tele-Town Halls

Tele-Town Hall Features

Complimentary Save the Date Calls – Increase participation by notifying your audience of upcoming telephone town hall events days in advance! All Tele-Town Hall packages include this great benefit at no additional charge!

Live Questions and Answers – Engage in a live question and answer session with audience members. Invite participants to press 0 on their phone keypads to pose questions to the speaker. You can optionally use Call Screeners (members of your staff) who can speak with callers first before placing them in line to talk with the Speaker. The Speaker will then use the web browser to control the event by “allowing” and “disallowing” participants to ask their questions live on the conference.

Real-Time Survey Questions – You may configure an unlimited number of customized polling questions prior to your event. Participants respond to these questions by pressing numbers on their phone keypads that correspond to the answers you have previously configured. Responses by participants are collected and displayed aggregately in real time on the Speaker’s Web interface and are available for review the following day in your detailed statistics report.

Invite Guest Speakers – Enhance your audience’s experience by inviting any number of guest speakers, star personalities, or experts in a particular field to join your Tele-Town Hall event from practically anywhere in the world.

Transfer to Live Operator – Allow participants to transfer themselves instantly from the conference to a specialized department, a district office, or a live call center by pressing a button on their phone keypads.

Collect Personal Information – Use this feature to collect e-mail addresses, fundraise / accept donations, or to answer participants’ individual case questions too personal to be heard by the entirety of your audience.

Live Video and/or Audio Web Broadcast – Reach out to the younger generation by broadcasting a video or audio feed of your town hall on the internet! Give interested members of your audience the ability to visualize the “star” Speaker in a private environment via an interactive LIVE Video Web broadcast of your event. Enhance the experience with live video feeds of up to 8 speakers, slideshow presentations and video on-demand. Web participants can respond to survey questions appearing on their interface and pose questions in real-time to the Speaker. Alternatively, you can also give interested members of your audience the ability to listen to and participate in your Tele-Town Hall meeting via an interactive LIVE Audio Web Broadcast of your event without the video feed.(Additional charges may apply.)

Transfer to Voicemail – At the conclusion of your event, you have the ability to send those participants who do not have an opportunity to ask their questions LIVE during the event to the voicemail center. MP3 Voice message files are recorded and e-mailed to you after your event including the participants’ names, addresses, and phone numbers attached.

Toll-Free Inbound Participation – In addition to the outbound dialing of participants, we have the ability to setup a Toll Free Inbound telephone number that may be distributed prior to an event so that recipients of this number can dial in to participate in your telephone town hall conference.

Staff Chat – Various members of the Speaker’s staff (i.e. the Speaker, Screeners, & Observers) can communicate in real time via a chat feature built into the cloud-based computer interface.

Digital Event Recording – All of our Tele-Town Hall events are recorded digitally for quality assurance purposes and are available for download free of charge after each event. You can use this file to review the event the following day or make it available for download through your website. Some clients turn this recording into a “podcast” and allow interested parties to be notified when a new telephone town hall audio file has been made available for download.

Companion Line – Every event is assigned a phone number and extension to allow organization members, press, and other VIPs to listen to the event.

Detailed Report and Statistics – After each Tele-Town Hall event, the Speaker will be sent an easy-to-read, detailed report, which includes both the individual statistics for every household dialed, as well as the aggregate statistics for the telephone town hall event as a whole.