Polling and Surveys

Our automated and live phone polling services provide exceptional insight into your target audience. Save money on wasteful direct mail campaigns and other marketing efforts which go to people who will never be interested. Utilize our cutting edge services to identify the target audience that will be open to your marketing campaign or services. Fortune 500 companies and winning political campaigns have long recognized the importance of micro-targeting and data enhancement services. Allow On Impact Strategies, LLC to revolutionize your marketing techniques through our affordable automated phone polling services.

Here are some of the features of On Impact Phone Polling:

  • Multi-tier survey capability to deliver the best in polling results.
  • Once we reach the desired number of survey recipients our system can automatically be set to stop dialing.
  • Competitive pricing structure which can save you a lot of money!
  • Selective questions depending on answer to prior survey questions – if they identify that they are not your target audience the survey can immediately thank them and hang up.
  • Fully detailed reporting services included with polling prices to ensure that you have the data you need to have a successful campaign.
  • Live transfer option if you want the recipient to have he opportunity to connect with a live representative from your company or campaign!
  • Send polls out under your branding, or we can perform independent polling under our name to keep you anonymous.

Contact us today toll-free at  (888) 510-3822 to begin setting up your new polling campaign or click here to message us.