Data Appends and Enhancement

Data and List Enhancements

Working with data can be a nightmare. Once you finally develop the list of your dreams, it is suddenly out of date within a couple of months. Now what do you do?

Send your data to our team of experienced staff to allow them to standardize, dedupe, cleanse and update your list for a fraction of the cost many of our competitors charge.  We are used to dealing with confidential and sensitive data. That is why the data we work with is deleted from our systems as soon as you sign off on your finished product and it is delivered back into your care. Still not convinced?

  • Data deduplication services will combine duplicates in your data so you dont waste money mailing three exact mailers to the same household.
  • Phone appends will add phone numbers to your name and address files.
  • Phone verification services will verify all phones in your list and we can even automatically update any that are out of date.
  • Parsing and standardizing address or any type of raw text information. Simple Example: Changing a full string of text “John Doe 1 someplace way, Washington, D.C.” to Full Name: John Doe| Street Number: 1| Street Name: Someplace Way| State/Province: D.C.| City: Washington.
  • Get more from your data by adding a column for sex or age and we will automatically populate it for you based upon names and date of birth columns.
  • Our NCOA matches will ensure that your list is up to date and old addresses are updated to ensure you only pay for mail that will provide the return you expect.
  • Email cleansing: Identifying typos in email addresses and offering automated corrections.

Email Appends and Verification

We can also provide email appends to your current lists or provide new email listings based upon your needs. We have access to the best email databases in the nation and can get you some of the best match rates in the industry.